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Nefertiti & The Lost Dynasty

Over 3,000 years ago, they tore ancient Egypt apart. And then they vanished….Nefertiti, the perfect one – the legendary beauty – and her husband, Akhenaten, the radical king…This revolutionary couple would shake the foundations of Egypt as they set out to reinvent a civilisation. They threw out the old government, the old capital city, and even replaced the old gods. In less than 20 years they would turn Egypt on its head, and they themselves would disappear from history. Where did they end up? The debate has been raging for decades.

Now a brand new scientific investigation is about to begin. An international team, funded by National Geographic, is bringing state of the art CT scans to the Valley of the Kings, for only the second time in history, on the hunt for this mysterious family of pharaohs…. A family most famous for the little boy believed to be Akhenaten’s son – the son who would grow up to be King Tut. Now, they are trying to put together the pieces of his Egyptian dynasty. Using non-invasive, three dimensional volumetric imagery, they conduct a pharonic forensic investigation of a kind never before undertaken – tracking 21st century clues to a mystery from 1,300 BC.

Episode Length: 01:00:00

Year: 2007

Episode: 1 of 1


Last Lioness

A haunting roar echoes across the Liuwa Plain. There is no answer, there hasn’t been for years. She has no pride, no support – she alone must safeguard her own survival. She is Lady Liuwa, the Last Lioness. In the early nineties, a scourge of illegal poaching and trophy-hunting tore through Liuwa Plain. Many species were lost. Liuwa’s lions, once famous for their size and beauty, were reduced to one resilient survivor.

She’s become known as Lady Liuwa, and today she is the only known resident lion on Zambia’s Liuwa Plain. Each day is a new test of survival for her. Hunting alone is difficult and often unsuccessful. Since the lions disappeared, hordes of hyenas have come to dominate the plain, threatening to steal every kill she makes. But her deepest struggle lies within. Lions are the only truly social cats and for an animal hardwired to live in a pride the years of utter isolation must be unnaturally lonely.

Episode Length: 01:00:00

Year: 2009

Episode: 1 of 1


Discovering the World – Saint Petersburg, City of Czars – Episode 225

Built on marshland by Peter the Great, the former capital of the Russian Empire has often been compared with Venice on account of its canals but also for its incredible cultural and architectural wealth. Pierre Brouwers and his camera guide us to the heart of one of Europe’s finest cities, giving us an insider view of the Hermitage Museum, the Summer Garden and many other exciting landmarks. But over and above the classic sites, this documentary film takes us right inside the magic of all-night living and alternative culture, guiding us, for example from one rooftop to another to unveil the city’s most spectacular perspectives.

Canals . The Neva . Bridges . The Fortress . Hermitage Museum . Palaces and Monuments . Krestovsky Island . Beaches . The Cruiser Aurora . Summer Garden . Alexander Nevsky Monastery . Saint Isaac’s Cathedral . Cathedral of the Holy Saviour on Blood . Nevsky Prospect . Metro . Moscow Station . Kuznietchny Market . Vodka Museum . Mariinsky Theatre . Tikhvine Cemetery . Jazz Festival . Night Life . All-Night Long . Alternative Culture . Etagi Loft . Rooftop Expedition . Czar’s Village . Peterhof . Saint-Petersburg from the Skies . Etc.

Episode Length: 00:52:00

Year: 2013

Episode: 225


Discovering the World – Qatar, Pearl of the Future – Episode 174

This Emirate, which has grown out of the desert, has been filmed by Pierre Brouwers from every angle. Qatar is in fact a new and rapidly developing country in the middle of a construction boom. Futuristic skyscrapers emerge from nothing, bedouins barter their camels for powerful 4 x 4s, falconers equip their birds with electronic devices, and the camel jockeys are now robots. A documentary with extraordinary images to outline the shape of a new country.


• Doha • The Corniche • West Bay • Museum of Islamic Arts • The souks • Shopping malls • Architectural styles • Dhows • Al Jazeera • Education City • Al Khalifa stadium • Aspire Academy • Golf • Horse racing • Falconry • Robot jockeys • Camel beauty contest • Zikreet • West coast and oil • Farming in the desert • Oryxes and gazelles • Mangroves and pink flamingoes • Al Ruwais fishing port • Al Zubera fort and excavations • Mesaieed • Gas processing • Tour of Qatar cycle race • 4 x 4s in the dunes • Quad-bike gymkhana • Inland Sea • Traditional wedding • Qatar from the air • Etc.

Episode Length: 00:52:00

Year: 2007

Episode: 174


Discovering the World – Paris Past, Paris Present, Paris on the Move – Episode 167

The film constantly draws a parallel between modern and period images, going back as far as the early 20th century to show the evolution of Paris and the means of transport with which to discover the city. The early-day images are juxtaposed, not to say superimposed, with modern scenes so that the viewer has the impression of permanently being conveyed through time aboard a city on the move.

From the first sightseeing launches on the Seine to the new tram lines, not forgetting some strange encounters at disused metro stations or the foundations of the Gare de l’Est, this document is tinged with nostalgia and holds a number of surprises in store for all lovers of Paris.

Episode Length: 00:52:00

Year: 2010

Episode: 204


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