Kindom of the Cobra

Deep in the jungles of southern India, a legendary serpent hunts. Camouflaged against the forest floor a king cobra waits in ambush – as a rat snake slithers along a dry riverbed. Suddenly, the king rises from the darkness, spreading its hood and towering four feet above the rat snake. With a single strike, the rat snake will die. King cobras are the largest venomous serpents on earth, growing up to 18 feet or over five metres in length, but almost nothing is known about their life in the wild. They are protected throughout India – but there are still more and more clashes with humans every year. Today the species is in greater jeopardy than ever before. Now, a new scientific expedition is setting out to follow the king into the wild for the first time ever, revealing the truth behind the life of an animal we only think we know – and ensure the kings reign over his kingdom.

Episode Length: 01:00:00

Year: 2009

Episode: 1 of 1


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