1000 Days for the Planet – Episode 8

Hidden among the forests of Central America is one of the most spectacular felines on the planet: the jaguar. In a private reserve in Costa Rica, scientists use photo-identification to study the big cats’ movements. However, this species needs huge territories in order to breed, and the conversion of forest into farmland has fragmented these territories and is beginning to compromise the jaguar’s future. But an even greater threat to the remaining survivors is poaching. Illegal hunters have entered the reserve and even boasted of their carnage on the Internet. The forests of Central America are also grappling with the invasion of a microscopic fungus that can kill all amphibians in its path in just a few months. Powerless in the face of the unprecedented scope of this plague, scientists have no choice but to remove the last surviving frogs from the wild and keep them in captivity in sterile containers.

Episode Length: 01:00:00

Year: 2013

Episode: 8 of 10


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