Discovering the World – Norwegian Lapland, the Enchantment of Song – Episode 206

The greatest part of Lapland is to be found in Norwegian territory. And it is in Karasjok that the Sámi, or Laplanders, have their own parliament. Beyond these frontiers, the Sámi identity lives on with a lifestyle that respects ancestral customs and is perfectly in harmony with a one-of-a-kind environment. The midnight sun and midday night, aurora borealis, animistic beliefs… the Pierre Brouwers film is an exciting journey across one of Europe’s wildest regions.

Winter and summer . Easter Festival in Kautokeino . Alta . North Cape . Karasjok . The Sámi parliament . Berlevag . Kirkenes . Shamanism . Joik chants . Reindeer . Ice Hotel . Honningsvåg . Coastal Express . Royal Crab . Husky sled and reindeer sled . Laplander snowshoes. Motor sled . Cave engravings . Traditions & culture . Arts & crafts . Arctic landscapes . Midnight sun . Aerial photography . Etc.

Episode Length: 00:52:00

Year: 2013

Episode: 206


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