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The Luxury Travel Programme – Chiang Mai (Thailand) & Eze (France) – Episode 1

Nestled in the foothills of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is the country’s fifth largest city. Brimming with culture, beautiful architecture and stunning temples it’s often considered a sanctuary away from Bangkok. In the South of France, nestled between Nice and Monte Carlo is the picture postcard town of Eze, where individual buildings are suits in the town’s luxury hotel and room service is served quite literally to your front door.

Episode Length: 00:21:56

Year: 2015

Episode: 1 of 13


Last Lioness

A haunting roar echoes across the Liuwa Plain. There is no answer, there hasn’t been for years. She has no pride, no support – she alone must safeguard her own survival. She is Lady Liuwa, the Last Lioness. In the early nineties, a scourge of illegal poaching and trophy-hunting tore through Liuwa Plain. Many species were lost. Liuwa’s lions, once famous for their size and beauty, were reduced to one resilient survivor.

She’s become known as Lady Liuwa, and today she is the only known resident lion on Zambia’s Liuwa Plain. Each day is a new test of survival for her. Hunting alone is difficult and often unsuccessful. Since the lions disappeared, hordes of hyenas have come to dominate the plain, threatening to steal every kill she makes. But her deepest struggle lies within. Lions are the only truly social cats and for an animal hardwired to live in a pride the years of utter isolation must be unnaturally lonely.

Episode Length: 01:00:00

Year: 2009

Episode: 1 of 1


Discovering the World – Lebanon, a Living Treasure – Episode 203

From Lebanon’s fertile valleys to the archaeological sites bearing witness to the country’s historical importance, Pierre Brouwers shows us a country whose will to live has never ceased to amaze. Despite devastation in numerous conflicts, Lebanon, country of the cedar, has always risen again with pride, and Beirut is the most striking example of this. Night and day, the capital is bursting with the activity of stores and businesses, of building sites, of religious events, of politics, of festivities.

Beirut – Sidon – Tyre – Tripoli – Beit ed-Dine – Rachana – The Jeita Grotto – Jounieh – Qana – Byblos – Bsharri – Mount Lebanon – The Cedars – The Kadisha Valley – The Beqaa Valley – Baalbeck – The Vineyards of Ksara – Eid ul-Fitr, the Festival of the Breaking of the Fast – Weddings in the Chouf district – Etc.

Episode Length: 00:52:00

Year: 2010

Episode: 203


Discovering the World – United States West Coast And The Far West 2, Legendary America – Episode 216

The huge blocks of red sandstone standing amidst infinite space blend with incredible valleys, whose sides are lined with breath-taking colours. Thanks to the prodigious effects of erosion, nature here has created some of the world’s most fabulous scenery. In the American west, you realize that very often reality outstretches the imagination and that certain “mirage” images are actually very real. One such example is Las Vegas. In the footsteps of the pioneers and gold-seekers, this Pierre Brouwers films steers us from encounter to discovery, as far as the final frontier city of San Francisco.

Rodeo in Ogden . Pioneer Days in Utah . Zion . Lake Powell . Grand Canyon . Las Vegas . Helicopter wedding . Death Valley . Zabriskie Point . The Mojave Desert . San Francisco . Sausalito . Napa Valley . Sacramento . Sierra Nevada and the Gold Rush. Vineyards and Hot-Air Balloon in Napa Valley . Sequoias . Cameron Park, aviator village . San Francisco . Chinatown . Castro Street . Cable cars . Golden Gate Bridge . Victorian houses . Halloween gay . Haight Ashbury . Sausalito . Monterey . Carmel . 17 Mile Drive . Oceano . Santa Barbara . Grand Canyon, aerial views of San Francisco and Napa Valley . Etc

Episode Length: 00:52:00

Year: 2012

Episode: 216


Discovering the World – United States West Coast And The Far West 1, Nature On Show – Episode 215

From the Pacific coast to Monument Valley, images that would do justice to the finest western movies carry us into a legendary world: the magic of Hollywood, the great National Parks and the trails opened by the pioneers headed west…

Cowboys and Indians still live in these red deserts that stretch as far as the eye can see. They are now part of American society’s fabulous melting pot.

Los Angeles . Hollywood . Santa Monica . Venice Beach . Beverly Hills . Malibu and the Paul Getty villa . Long Beach . San Juan Capistano . San Diego . Sea World . Palm Springs . Joshua Tree . Route 66 . Flagstaff . Prescott . Sedona . Wukapti National Monument . The Petrified Forest . Painted Desert . The trace of dinosaurs . Canyonlands . Moab . Arches . Monument Valley . The Navajos Indians . Aerial views of Los Angeles and the Far West . Etc.

Episode Length: 00:52:00

Year: 2015

Episode: 215


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