Chosen People – Episode 1

In 1947, the world’s leading photo-journalists chose ten families at random to represent our common humanity in the wake of war. That group of photographers went on to begin the Magnum Photos and included Henri Brsson, Roberta Capa, Goerge Roger and David Seymor. In the 21st century, the BBC tracked down these Chosen People throughout the world to learn of their lives over the extraordinary past half-century.

Will the Okamotos still be growing tea in high tech Japan? How did the Stieglitz family survive the turmoil of post war Germany? What has happened to Mexican farmer Pablo Gonzalez’s 18 children? And what of the Aluma family in war torn Southern Sudan?

Eight years in the making, ambitious in scope and poetic content, Chosen People travels across Italy, Japan, Egypt, Mexico, Germany, China, France, Sudan, England and the USA in search of our human story.

Episode Length: 01:00:00

Year: 2000

Episode: 1 of 2


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