Discovering the World – London, Mirror of the World – Episode 181

London is Europe’s largest city. A cosmopolitan hub with a major influence in the worlds of finance, the arts and fashion. An avant-garde city that nonetheless remains true to the traditions that have forged the British way of life. Pierre Brouwers knows London well because he lives there. With a number of dolly sequences, his film takes us on a trip to discover a city where power stations are turned into works of art, where the sounds of brass bands from Buckingham Palace mingle with the tones of the salsa, reggae and the sitar.

Fashion, the arts, finance . The historical centre . The City . Canary Wharf . Cosmopolitanism . Present-day architecture . The “black cabs” . Le Tube . River taxis . Soho . The Mews . Spitafield Market . Columbia Flower Market . Covent Garden. Little Venice . South Bank . London Eye . Richmond Park . Notting Hill . Chelsea . South Kensington .Tate Modern . Cuban Carnival . The Thames Festival . London from the sky . Etc.

Episode Length: 00:52:00

Year: 2008

Episode: 181

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