Walking Through History 1 – Episode 3

Tony Robinson takes a 45 mile hike through the beautiful countryside of the Weald in Kent and East Sussex to discover its rich and surprising Tudor heritage.

From the impressively preserved Penshurst Place, where author Philippa Gregory helps Tony relish the fate of the grand Duke of Buckingham at the hands of the young Henry the Eighth, he travels up what used to be secret paths to Hever Castle.

Henry’s saucy courting of the Boleyn girls at Hever comes as perhaps no surprise. But Tony travels on to find out how Henry VIII’s reign brought not just fame and disaster to the women who caught his eye but also wrought huge social, political, and industrial change to the country and especially this area.

Before finishing in the town of Lewes where he can relive one of the more brutal monastic dissolutions, Tony will have uncovered treason in Henry’s court, discovered how the Weald’s iron ore deposits made it the industrial heart of Tudor England and he’ll have seen the ruthless extent of one man’s ambition – Thomas Cromwell.

Episode Length: 01:00:00

Year: 2013

Episode: 3 of 4

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