Inside 9/11 – End Game

In INSIDE 9/11: Hour Four, the last and perhaps most intense portion of the series, begins in the midst of several crises. Two commercial airliners have already smashed into the Twin Towers, resulting in a treacherous rescue mission and a rising panic in New York and beyond. Meanwhile, the third team of hijackers takes control and descends on America’s centre of military power, the Pentagon. And on United Airlines Flight 93, which is headed for the nation’s capital, passengers fought hijackers for control of the plane, sacrificing their lives as they crash into a field in rural Pennsylvania, but saving hundreds of others. The hope of salvaging those trapped in the Towers diminishes when the two great buildings collapse, killing and injuring countless victims. As the day progresses, the magnitude of the destruction comes into focus, leaving Americans traumatized and rescue teams overwhelmed. And by that afternoon, U.S. intelligence has already identified al Qaeda’s culpability in the tragedy, bringing the series back to where it began: Afghanistan.

Episode Length: 00:50:00

Year: 2003

Episode: 4


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