Inside 9/11 – Zero Hour

INSIDE 9/11: Hour Three gives a detailed and moving account of what exactly happened on the tragic day of September 11th. In the early hours of this historic morning, nineteen al Qaeda soldiers pass through airport security, ready to enact Osama bin Laden’s carefully orchestrated “Planes Operation.” The group is led by four men who have received extensive flight training and are prepared to crash passenger jets into chosen targets. Once the hijackers board and take control of their four separate planes, they begin their descent on what they perceive to be symbols of American oppression. At 8:46 AM, American Flight 11 crashes into the upper portion of the World Trade Center’s North Tower. Less than twenty minutes later, United Flight 175 crashes into the South Tower, making it clear that this is an intentional attack. The FDNY and various other rescue workers make a desperate attempt to save those trapped in the upper levels of the buildings, but many cannot be reached. Hundreds of lives are lost and injuries sustained as the disaster escalates – and it is about to further intensify as the other two hijacked planes rapidly approach the Pentagon and the capital city, Washington, D.C.

Episode Length: 00:50:00

Year: 2003

Episode: 3


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