Chasing UFOs – Abducted in Arizona

Since 1993 UFO sightings have haunted some residents of Phoenix, Ariz. Reports from hundreds of people all note seeing a triangular formation of lights in the sky. Ryder, Ben and James start by watching the video footage captured in 1993 that also highlights a similar-shaped item floating above. The man who caught the sighting on video, Terry Connet, comes forward to explain just how enormous and eerily silent the object was. After the original Phoenix Lights incident, the military stated that it was simply flairs dropped from a nearby Air Force base; others believe it was skydivers. Unconvinced and willing to put the explanation to test, Ryder gets skydivers to perform a night jump wearing pyrotechnic flares.

Episode Length: 00:45:00

Year: 2012

Episode: 5


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