Diving Into Noah’s Flood

Archeologist Jeff Rose travels to the Middle East on a journey to understand how the destructive forces of water might have inspired the biblical story of Noah’s Ark and the great flood.

Diving into the Persian gulf, as well as trekking to the dessert of Eridu in Iraq, Rose searches for underwater evidence of Noah’s flood.Dr. Rose believes that a massive flood once swallowed a landmass as big as Great Britain, created the Persian Gulf and sent tribes of Neolithic people into constant retreat from the ever-rising waters.

Diving Into Noah’s Flood joins Dr. Rose as he uncovers the roots of this story in ancient Sumeria, dives to the bottom of the Persian Gulf to search for flooded settlements and ventures through war-torn Iraq to find evidence of a colossal flood.

Episode Length: 00:45:00

Year: 2012

Episode: 1

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