Aliens: Are We Alone?

Does alien life exist out there in the Universe? Scientists are now getting closer than ever to answering that question thanks to the Kepler Space Telescope.

This revolutionary spacecraft is on a mission to find habitable alien planets. Thanks to Kepler, we now know of thousands of possible planets and we’re getting closer than ever to finding the holy grail: a twin of our Earth.

We use CGI to bring these alien worlds to life, and with the help of scientists, we speculate on what extra-terrestrial life might be like.

Episode Length: 00:45:00

Year: 2013

Episodes: 1

This documentary is available to watch for FREE on Planet Knowledge, a free to watch video on demand channel on Freeview HD (Channel 265), Youview, Samsung connected TV’s, selected smart TV’s, tablets and smartphones using Android or iOS.


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