How to Build a Bionic Man

Can modern technology turn Mary Shelleys fiction into fact? Are we nearing a point where mankind can out-engineer nature? And if we can, should we? These questions have captured our imaginations throughout history. Today, advanced prosthetics and bioengineered tissue can now replace or support many parts of the human body, transforming thousands of lives blighted by disease or trauma. In this programme Dr Bertolt Meyer will embark on a journey, meeting many of the worlds leading experts in a quest to build an artificial body using only prosthetic or bio-engineered equivalents of each major part of the human body. Just how close can we get to an entirely manmade human and what are the ethical questions that this raises? For Bertolt this is a personal journey of discovery. He has lived his whole life with a prosthetic lower arm.

Episode Length: 00:45:00

Year: 2012

Episode: 1

This documentary is available to watch for FREE on Planet Knowledge, a free to watch video on demand channel on Freeview HD (Channel 265), Youview, Samsung connected TV’s, selected smart TV’s, tablets and smartphones using Android or iOS.


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