Weird Weapons of WW2

This definitive series opens a pandora’s box of weird, wonderful and scary weapons from World War II. A few were so fantastical that they never got beyond the conception stage. Others were developed, tested and taken to prototype. Some were then used in battle to terrifying effect. From deathrays and giant wire traps in the sky to ensnare bombers, to flying saucers, warships hewn from icebergs and rocket-propelled tanks, the imagination and ingenuity of Allied and Nazi weapons experts knew no bounds in their frenzied efforts to overcome the enemy and win the war.

Episode Length: 00:45:00

Year: 2006

Episode: 1

This documentary is available to watch for FREE on Planet Knowledge, a free to watch video on demand channel on Freeview HD (Channel 265), Youview, Samsung connected TV’s, selected smart TV’s, tablets and smartphones using Android or iOS.


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