Discovering the World – Yucatán, the Culture is Nature, the Culture is Maya – Episode 226

From the white sandy beaches of the Maya river to huge green expanses where the sites of Calakmul or Coba barely emerge from the forest, the cameras take you to not only the most prestigious Maya sites, but also other lesser known locations that from an archaeological perspective are just as interesting. Spectacular caves and rocks, mangroves and nature reserves form the décor in which one of America’s most fascinating civilizations developed and flourished.

Episode Length: 00:52:00

Year: 2013

Episode: 226


Discovering the World – Venice, Treasure Island – Episode 214

Canals, gondolas and sumptuous palaces… the legendary clichés will always be there when you set out to explore Venice. But behind the splendour of a unique artistic and cultural heritage there lies hidden a real city, with its inhabitants and lifestyle organized to meet the site’s geographical limitations.

Episode Length: 00:52:00

Year: 2012

Episode: 214


Discovering the World – Lebanon, a Living Treasure – Episode 203

From Lebanon’s fertile valleys to the archaeological sites bearing witness to the country’s historical importance, Pierre Brouwers shows us a country whose will to live has never ceased to amaze. Despite devastation in numerous conflicts, Lebanon, country of the cedar, has always risen again with pride, and Beirut is the most striking example of this. Night and day, the capital is bursting with the activity of stores and businesses, of building sites, of religious events, of politics, of festivities.

Beirut – Sidon – Tyre – Tripoli – Beit ed-Dine – Rachana – The Jeita Grotto – Jounieh – Qana – Byblos – Bsharri – Mount Lebanon – The Cedars – The Kadisha Valley – The Beqaa Valley – Baalbeck – The Vineyards of Ksara – Eid ul-Fitr, the Festival of the Breaking of the Fast – Weddings in the Chouf district – Etc.

Episode Length: 00:52:00

Year: 2010

Episode: 203


Discovering the World – United States West Coast And The Far West 2, Legendary America – Episode 216

The huge blocks of red sandstone standing amidst infinite space blend with incredible valleys, whose sides are lined with breath-taking colours. Thanks to the prodigious effects of erosion, nature here has created some of the world’s most fabulous scenery. In the American west, you realize that very often reality outstretches the imagination and that certain “mirage” images are actually very real. One such example is Las Vegas. In the footsteps of the pioneers and gold-seekers, this Pierre Brouwers films steers us from encounter to discovery, as far as the final frontier city of San Francisco.

Rodeo in Ogden . Pioneer Days in Utah . Zion . Lake Powell . Grand Canyon . Las Vegas . Helicopter wedding . Death Valley . Zabriskie Point . The Mojave Desert . San Francisco . Sausalito . Napa Valley . Sacramento . Sierra Nevada and the Gold Rush. Vineyards and Hot-Air Balloon in Napa Valley . Sequoias . Cameron Park, aviator village . San Francisco . Chinatown . Castro Street . Cable cars . Golden Gate Bridge . Victorian houses . Halloween gay . Haight Ashbury . Sausalito . Monterey . Carmel . 17 Mile Drive . Oceano . Santa Barbara . Grand Canyon, aerial views of San Francisco and Napa Valley . Etc

Episode Length: 00:52:00

Year: 2012

Episode: 216


Discovering the World – United States West Coast And The Far West 1, Nature On Show – Episode 215

From the Pacific coast to Monument Valley, images that would do justice to the finest western movies carry us into a legendary world: the magic of Hollywood, the great National Parks and the trails opened by the pioneers headed west…

Cowboys and Indians still live in these red deserts that stretch as far as the eye can see. They are now part of American society’s fabulous melting pot.

Los Angeles . Hollywood . Santa Monica . Venice Beach . Beverly Hills . Malibu and the Paul Getty villa . Long Beach . San Juan Capistano . San Diego . Sea World . Palm Springs . Joshua Tree . Route 66 . Flagstaff . Prescott . Sedona . Wukapti National Monument . The Petrified Forest . Painted Desert . The trace of dinosaurs . Canyonlands . Moab . Arches . Monument Valley . The Navajos Indians . Aerial views of Los Angeles and the Far West . Etc.

Episode Length: 00:52:00

Year: 2015

Episode: 215


Discovering the World – Saint Petersburg, City of Czars – Episode 225

Built on marshland by Peter the Great, the former capital of the Russian Empire has often been compared with Venice on account of its canals but also for its incredible cultural and architectural wealth. Pierre Brouwers and his camera guide us to the heart of one of Europe’s finest cities, giving us an insider view of the Hermitage Museum, the Summer Garden and many other exciting landmarks. But over and above the classic sites, this documentary film takes us right inside the magic of all-night living and alternative culture, guiding us, for example from one rooftop to another to unveil the city’s most spectacular perspectives.

Canals . The Neva . Bridges . The Fortress . Hermitage Museum . Palaces and Monuments . Krestovsky Island . Beaches . The Cruiser Aurora . Summer Garden . Alexander Nevsky Monastery . Saint Isaac’s Cathedral . Cathedral of the Holy Saviour on Blood . Nevsky Prospect . Metro . Moscow Station . Kuznietchny Market . Vodka Museum . Mariinsky Theatre . Tikhvine Cemetery . Jazz Festival . Night Life . All-Night Long . Alternative Culture . Etagi Loft . Rooftop Expedition . Czar’s Village . Peterhof . Saint-Petersburg from the Skies . Etc.

Episode Length: 00:52:00

Year: 2013

Episode: 225


Discovering the World – Qatar, Pearl of the Future – Episode 174

This Emirate, which has grown out of the desert, has been filmed by Pierre Brouwers from every angle. Qatar is in fact a new and rapidly developing country in the middle of a construction boom. Futuristic skyscrapers emerge from nothing, bedouins barter their camels for powerful 4 x 4s, falconers equip their birds with electronic devices, and the camel jockeys are now robots. A documentary with extraordinary images to outline the shape of a new country.


• Doha • The Corniche • West Bay • Museum of Islamic Arts • The souks • Shopping malls • Architectural styles • Dhows • Al Jazeera • Education City • Al Khalifa stadium • Aspire Academy • Golf • Horse racing • Falconry • Robot jockeys • Camel beauty contest • Zikreet • West coast and oil • Farming in the desert • Oryxes and gazelles • Mangroves and pink flamingoes • Al Ruwais fishing port • Al Zubera fort and excavations • Mesaieed • Gas processing • Tour of Qatar cycle race • 4 x 4s in the dunes • Quad-bike gymkhana • Inland Sea • Traditional wedding • Qatar from the air • Etc.

Episode Length: 00:52:00

Year: 2007

Episode: 174


Discovering the World – Paris Past, Paris Present, Paris on the Move – Episode 167

The film constantly draws a parallel between modern and period images, going back as far as the early 20th century to show the evolution of Paris and the means of transport with which to discover the city. The early-day images are juxtaposed, not to say superimposed, with modern scenes so that the viewer has the impression of permanently being conveyed through time aboard a city on the move.

From the first sightseeing launches on the Seine to the new tram lines, not forgetting some strange encounters at disused metro stations or the foundations of the Gare de l’Est, this document is tinged with nostalgia and holds a number of surprises in store for all lovers of Paris.

Episode Length: 00:52:00

Year: 2010

Episode: 204


Discovering the World – New York (2), the Show is in Town – Episode 238

New York is a non-stop show that you never grow tired of filming or photographing. A show that is constantly renewing itself. Each community celebrates its festivals in its own uninhibited and ostentatious way. Artists decorate every facet of a city where urban art fascinates for what it brings to light. The city, whose skyline bristles with sky-scrapers that seemingly climb ever higher, is awash with imagination.

Episode Length: 00:52:00

Year: 2016

Episode: 238


Discovering the World – New Zealand, Culture Shaped by Nature – Episode 237

Two main islands covered with green hills, or mountains with eternal snows, 60 million sheep for 4.5 million inhabitants, a bi-culture Maori and European population, and an insatiable liking for spectacular sports and the discovery of nature…. Every facet of New Zealand is pieced together in this film by Pierre Brouwers so that we can at last truly explore this country on the other side of the world.

Episode Length: 00:52:00

Year: 2015

Episode: 237


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