Ancient X Files II – Decoding the Incas

For years, historians thought that Incan khipus – a series of knotted cords on a line – were simple counting devices, like a woollen abacus. But one investigator believes khipus are actually a three-dimensional system for record keeping. By examining an ancient khipu with a multi-spectral scanner, she hopes to crack the code of the Incas and reveal their secrets. Then, journey to the other side of the world where Vikings spread their terror across the high seas. Considered fearsome warriors with superior navigational skills, they reached North America hundreds of years before Columbus. Historians still don’t know how they did it without a magnetic compass. Their sagas mention the existence of magic crystals – stones which, according to legend, guided them across the seas. Now, one woman, a Viking descendant and an expert on bird migration, investigates the legend of these mysterious sunstones.

Episode Length: 01:00:00

Year: 2008

Episode: 2 of 6


Ancient X Files II – Dawn of Man

Trek to a remote corner of eastern Turkey, where archaeologists have uncovered what is thought to be the oldest man-made structure on the planet: Gobekli Tepe. Built more than 12,000 years ago, the structure predates any known civilisation with the architectural or engineering know-how. Could Gobekli Tepe be evidence of a lost civilization and the world’s first religion? Then, head to Ireland where almost perfectly preserved prehistoric bodies have been unearthed from the peat bogs for centuries. Mutilated and decapitated, the bog bodies have been thought to be victims of Iron Age justice who were executed for their crimes. One archaeologist believes the bodies could actually be ancient kings ritually sacrificed to satisfy the hunger of the gods

Episode Length: 01:00:00

Year: 2012

Episode: 1 of 7


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