What is Planet Knowledge?

Planet Knowledge is a free to watch video on demand channel, with over 1200 hours of premium factual documentaries including many in High Definition.

How many documentaries are there available on Planet Knowledge?

We have 1200 hours of premium factual documentaries in our library. This continues to grow every month. We of course don’t show everything at the same time so we refresh the content in each category monthly. As a minimum we will always have at least 200 hours of documentaries available in the main categories.

Who owns Planet Knowledge?

Planet Knowledge is owned by Videoondemand365, a privately owned company in the UK specializing in the develop and deliver video on demand channels. To see what else we do visit vod365.co.uk

Our Technology Partner is Vonetize, a leading provider of SMART TV services. www.vonetize.com


How do I access Planet Knowledge?

Planet Knowledge is available as an App on all SMART Samsung and SMART TV’s that are connected to the Internet. To view Planet Knowledge for the first time you will need to press the SMART button in the centre of the remote control. Once you are in SMART TV, go to Samsung Apps and search for Planet Knowledge. Click on the Planet Knowledge Icon to download it. Once it has downloaded, Planet Knowledge will be available within your list of Apps on the SMART TV page. Just click on the Planet Knowledge Icon to launch. Planet Knowledge is also available on Freeview HD TV’s and set top boxes that are connected to the Internet.

Why am I unable to view Planet Knowledge on my Freeview TV or set top box?

Whilst Planet Knowledge has been developed to be viewed via Freeview, the technology used by each manufacturer may be different. Planet Knowledge is working with as many manufacturers as we can to make our documentaries available. The development and approval process does take some time. On our “How to Watch” page we have listed the manufacturers we are working with and the models on which Planet Knowledge will be available.  We will keep the list up to date as Planet Knowledge becomes available.

Does it work on tablets and smart phones?

Yes, Planet Knowledge works on all android or iOS based tablets and smart phones.


What happens if I want to stop watching a documentary and want to return to it later?

No problems. Just switch off Planet Knowledge and when you return to the documentary, it will ask you if you would like to resume watching or start again.

How do I use My Favourites?

When you are viewing the details of a documentary and see one that you would like to save to watch later, you can click on ‘Add to Favourites’ and it will appear in ‘My Favourites’ on the main Planet Knowledge screen.

How do I rate a documentary?

After viewing a documentary, you can rate it by clicking ‘Rate’ on the documentary details page and clicking on the number of stars you wish to award it. This will be added to the overall rating for the documentary.


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