The Planet Knowledge app is available for use with Smartphones and tablets using the android or IOS operating system. Simply download from the Google Play Store or the App Store.


Planet Knowledge is now available on YouView channel 265 and in the on-demand players portal section.


Planet Knowledge is now available on Freeview HD TV’s and set-top boxes that are connected to the Internet. On channel 265.

What devices are currently compatible with Planet Knowledge?

Whilst Planet Knowledge has been developed to be viewed via Freeview, the technology used by each manufacturer may be different.  Planet Knowledge is working with as many manufacturers as we can to make our documentaries available.  This development and approval process does take time.

Below is a list of manufacturers we are working with and the models on which Planet Knowledge will be available. This list was last updated on the 5th February 2015. Latest updates are in RED.


Freeview HD TVs

E4000 series*, E5000 series, E6000 series, E7000 series, E8000 series, F4000 series*, F5000 series, F6000 series, F7000 series, F8000 series, F9000 series, H5000*, H6000, H7000, H8000 series*

*The Planet Knowledge service is only available on the Internet-enabled models within this series.

Digital Television Recorders

BD-E8300, BD-E8500M, BD-E8900M, BD-F8500M, BD-F8900M, STB-E7500, STB-E7900

PANASONIC –  In Development

Freeview HD TVs

2014 Models

AX802B series, AS802B series, AS740B series, AS650B series, AS640B series, AS600B series, AS520B series, AS510B series, AS500B series

We are working closely with Panasonic, testing additional 2014 models. We hope to make some announcements soon with regards to the 2014 models which will support the service.

2012/2013 Models

ZT6B series, VT60B series, GT60B series, WT60B series, DT65B series, ET60B series, E6B series, ST60B series, X60B series, EM6B series, XM6B series, B6B series, VT50B series, WT50B series, GT50B series, DT50B series, ST50B series, UT50B series, XT50B series, ET5B series,
E5B series

LG-  In Development

We have been testing the Planet Knowledge service on LG devices running new software, and are getting positive results. We expect more 2013 and 2014 LG models to be compliant with the service over the coming months.

Freeview HD TVs

2014 Models
32LB650V, 32LB652V, 32LB653V, 39LB650V, 42LB630V, 42LB631V, 42LB650V, 42LB652V, 42LB653V, 42LB670V, 42LB671V, 42LB673V, 42LB675V, 42LB677V, 42LB679V, 42LB680V, 42LB690V, 42LB700V, 42LB701V, 42LB720V, 42LB730V, 42LB731V, 47LB630V, 47LB631V, 47LB650V, 47LB652V, 47LB653V, 47LB670V, 47LB671V, 47LB673V, 47LB675V, 47LB677V, 47LB679V, 47LB680V, 47LB690V, 47LB700V, 47LB701V, 47LB720V, 47LB730V, 47LB731V, 49JL9000, 49JL900V, 49LB860V, 49LB870V, 50LB650V, 50LB653V, 50LB670V, 50LB671V, 50LB675V, 50LB677V, 55JL9000, 55JL900V, 55LB630V, 55LB631V, 55LB650V, 55LB652V, 55LB653V, 55LB670V, 55LB671V, 55LB673V, 55LB675V, 55LB679V, 55LB680V, 55LB690V, 55LB700V, 55LB701V, 55LB720V, 55LB730V, 55LB731V, 55LB860V, 55LB870V, 60JL9000, 60JL900V, 60LB650V, 60LB680V, 60LB720V, 60LB730V, 60LB860V, 60LB870V, 65LB680V, 65LB730V, 70LB650V, 60LY960H, 55LY960H, 47LY960H, 42LY960H, 55LY760H, 47LY760H, 42LY760H, 39LY760H, 32LY760H, 77EC980V, 65EC970V, 55EC970V, 55EC930V, 55EA970V, 98UB980V, 84UB980V, 79UB980V, 65UB980V, 65UB950V, 55UB950V, 55UB850V, 49UB850V, 105UC9V, 65UC970V, 55UC970V, 65UC890V, 55UC890V, 55UB830V, 49UB830V, 42UB830V

2013 Models
32LA620V-ZA, 32LA621V-ZD, 32LA644V-ZA, 32LA660V-ZA, 32LA662V-ZC, 32LA667V-ZB, 32LN570U-ZA, 32LN570V-ZE, 32LN575V-ZE, 32LN577V-ZK, 32LN610V-ZB, 32LN613V-ZB, 39LA620V-ZA, 39LN575V-ZE, 39LN577V-ZK, 42LA620V-ZA, 42LA621V-ZD, 42LA640V-ZA, 42LA641V-ZC, 42LA644V-ZA, 42LA645V-ZC, 42LA660V-ZA, 42LA662V-ZC, 42LA667V-ZB, 42LA669V-ZE, 42LA690V-ZB, 42LA691V-ZA, 42LA692V-ZC, 42LA740V-ZA, 42LN570V-ZA, 42LN570V-ZE, 42LN575V-ZE, 42LN577V-ZK, 42LN610V-ZB, 42LV740V-ZB, 47LA620V-ZA, 47LA621V-ZD, 47LA640V-ZA, 47LA641V-ZC, 47LA644V-ZA, 47LA645V-ZC, 47LA660V-ZA, 47LA662V-ZC, 47LA667V-ZB, 47LA669V-ZE, 47LA690V-ZB, 47LA691V-ZA, 47LA692V-ZC, 47LA710V-ZA, 47LA740V-ZB, 47LA741V-ZA, 47LN575V-ZE, 47LN577V-ZK, 47LN610V-ZB, 47LN613V-ZB, 50LA620V-ZA, 50LA644V-ZA, 50LA660V-ZA, 50LA667V-ZB, 50LN575V-ZE, 50LN577V-ZK, 55LA620V-ZA, 55LA640V-ZA, 55LA641V-ZC, 55LA660V-ZA, 55LA662V-ZC, 55LA667V-ZB, 55LA690V-ZB, 55LA691V-ZA, 55LA692V-ZC, 55LA710V-ZA, 55LA740V-ZB, 55LA741V-ZA, 55LN575V-ZE, 60LA620V-ZA, 60LA644V-ZA, 60LA740V-ZA, 60LN575V-ZE, 42LA790V-ZA, 42LA860V-ZA, 47LA790V-ZA, 47LA860V-ZA, 47LA960V-ZA, 55EA880V-ZA, 55EA980V-ZA, 55LA790V-ZA, 55LA860V-ZA, 55LA960V-ZA, 60LA860V-ZA, 70LA860V-ZA, 42LA860W-ZA, 47LA790W-ZA, 47LA860W-ZA, 47LA960W-ZA, 55EA880W-ZA, 55EA980W-ZA, 55LA790W-ZA, 55LA860W-ZA, 55LA960W-ZA, 60LA860W-ZA, 70LA860W-ZA

TOSHIBA –  In Development

Freeview HD TVs

32L6453DB, 42L6453DB, 47L6453DB, 42L7453DB, 47L7453DB, 55L7453DB

SONY –  In Development

Sony are currently conducting extensive tests and expect to confirm which of their Freeview HD TVs are compatible with the Planet Knowledge service later this year.

SHARP –  In Development

Freeview HD TVs

LE650, LE750

LE760, LE264, LE166, LE760, UQ10, UD20

HITACHI –  In Development

Digital Television Recorders


BUSH –  In Development

Digital Television Recorders

B320HDPVR, B1TBHDPVR, Bush 320GB, Bush 500GB, Bush 320GB Smart, Bush 500GB Smart

MANHATTAN –  In Development

Set-top Box

Plaza HD-T2

TVONICS –  In Development

Digital Television Recorders

DTR-HD500, DTR-Z500

LOGIK –  In Development

Digital Television Recorders


PHILIPS –  In Development




To view Planet Knowledge for the first time, press the SMART button in the centre of the remote control. Once you are in SMART TV, go to Samsung Apps and search for Planet Knowledge. Click on the Planet Knowledge Icon to download it. Once it has downloaded, Planet Knowledge will be available within your list of Apps on the SMART TV page. Just click on the Planet Knowledge Icon to launch.


We are currently working with Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, Philips and Vestel and expect Planet Knowledge to be available on their SMART TV’s by the end of Q1.

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